Ali Mirza

If you believe sales is a just numbers game, you’re relying on luck rather than the skills needed to maximize your team’s performance. Improve your skills and you multiply your sales – it’s that simple.


Having personally closed more than $150 million in sales, Ali Mirza shows sales teams how to implement systematic processes that create sales breakthroughs. His clients not only consistently reach new revenue records, they often land on the Inc. 500, Inc. 5000 and Forbes Best lists.

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Speaking Topics

How do you create a culture where your sales team thrives?
Learn how to attract top talent and turn it into a high-performing sale team.
What does it take to turn soft salespeople into star performers?
Learn how to use your sales team to scale your business and drive rapid growth.
How do you transform tired sales tactics into sound strategies that push your business to the next level?
Learn how to systematize sales so you convert more leads
and multiply revenue.