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Coaching Your People to Close the Deal

Focus Your Time and Efforts on Running Your Business

Ali Mirza is the Founder and President of Rose Garden Consulting and has helped his clients reach the Inc 500 list and triple their revenue in less than a year.  As a leading sales expert, he has closed over $200 Million dollars in sales using his conversation methodology. He is also the host on the For The Close Podcast and is currently writing his first book, Predictable Closing due out in 2020.

Signature Talk

The Evolution of Your Sales Process Through Systems

CEOs and Founders have built multi-million dollar companies but they are struggling to scale and grow. They hire sales teams with the hope that they will hit the ground running and generate sales. Unfortunately, building those sales teams is time consuming and not always effective. Leaving the visionary unable to stay focused on the company’s bigger impact. 

Understand the three steps to systematically scale a team by developing a custom process to replicate your sales cycle. Focusing on the strengths of the team, enabling them to achieve higher closing rates. As well as, how to evolve current processes so that they can effectively be delegated enabling you to focus on the larger vision of the company.

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